Friday, 27 April 2012

Prawn Fitters


Let's start with something easy okay? 

So today's recipe is prawn fitters. It's soo easy, it's ridiculous. Haha

All you gotta do is chop and assemble, it's that easy. This recipe is suitable for tea time or for snack while you're watching TV or if you friend wanna come over. This meal would be perfect served with tartar sauce or Thai sauce or even with simple chilli sauce and mayonnaise.

So basically this is what you gonna need. You can put anything you want depend on your liking, this time around, i use cheddar cheese, egg tofu and button mushroom but you can definitely substitute this with other ingredients such as cilantro, chives, shittake mushroom, or whatever you have in your fridge.


Egg tofu
Cheddar cheese
Button Mushroom
( All chopped)

Shrimp ( grounded)


- Light soy sauce or oyster sauce
- Sesame oil (optional)
- Cayenne pepper or papprika
- Salt and pepper

After assembling all the ingredients, make small patties just like in the picture and deep fry. The patties are wet enough to be directly coated with breadcrumbs. Make sure the oil is hot enough to get light and crispy prawn fitters.

Have fun cooking :)


  1. Hey sis,
    Wow, this is a must try recipe. Sangat mudah dan cepat dan serta nampak sedap,nyum.
    Congratz and good job on your food blog. Looking foward to see lots of yummeh recipe here.

  2. u inspired me for cooking u know..congrates ilya..nampak macam senang nnt buat tapi bila buat tak jadi pulak..:D