Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Chicken Soup


This is, believe it or not my first time making chicken soup. I'm not a huge fan of soups but today I have this sudden urge to eat chicken soup with rice therefore I decided to make chicken soup for lunch.

As mention earlier, I have never cooked chicken soup before but I have watched my mom made it a few times so I kind of have the idea of making it. It's soo easy and simple. 

Ingredients :

2 Chicken wings
1 celery stalk
1/2 holland onion
3 cloves of garlic
Corriander leaves

Seasonings :

1 small kiub ikan bilis ( anchovies paste )
A touch of Maggi cukup rasa or Salt.

Methods : 

1. Sautee Garlic and onion till fragrant. Add in celery and carrot. Sautee till soften a little bit.
2. Add in kiub ikan bilis and continue saute-ing.
3. Add in water, just enough to cover all the vege. Allow them to cook till tender and leave them to boil.
4. Pour in water, twice the amount of water you have in the pot. Add in the chicken, and potato. Allow all the flavor from the chicken and the vegetables to come together in the soup for about 10 mins
5. Add in maggi cukup rasa, for flavor. You can also use salt. Put it tomatoes and chopped coriander leaves.  Allow them to boil for another 5-10 mins and you're done :)

Hmm, i should reduce the oil next time.

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  1. sooooo yummy..tapi tak sempat nak buat. but, still wait for another recipe.